Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Television - Blugh.

We're finally all move into the new apartment.  Not unpacked, by any means, but at least moved in.  Today was 'cable day' - cool guy came and hooked up my internet, phone, and cable.  They lowered my rates by $40 a month AND gave me another 100 channels and a DVR.  I'm not a tv person, at all - I was raised reading books, doing crafts, and things other than sitting on my butt watching other people live fake lives.  I've tried to raise my daughter the same way, despite her being infront of the television more in the past two years than the entire four years before that combined.  I had decided, officially, that tv was making it's way out of our home.  A show here and there...but that's it. I only opted for cable because the bundle was cheaper than the internet/phone only package for the only decent internet provider in the area...then, the 'cool cable guy' hooked up cable in my kiddos room. Ruh-Roh!

So, Mini-Me and I made a deal this evening.  She can have television in her room.  She can even watch it! BUT, she has the following stipulations:
  • Homework must be done every evening
  • We can't skip our nightly reading time. If we start running out of time before bed, we cut tv time in the future.
  • No television during dinner...once we get the kitchen put together.  For now, we have dinner at the bar (also without the tv on). 
  • We must continue to do the following together, every week (we started this three weeks ago) :
    • A board game and/or puzzle atleast three times a week
    • Flashcards and workbook fun atleast three times a week
    • Crafty fun time atleast atleast four or five times a week, together (We're currently working on drawing animals, and cross-stitching on plastic canvas.
  • Chores - gotta be done. She has a morning, afternoon, and before-bedtime routine just like mommy (Thanks, Flylady!)  Most of it is simple stuff like remembering to lay out her clothes and brush her teeth.  Some of it is routine chores like emptying the dishwasher while mommy starts dinner.  
  • Finally: Mommy has control of what is on the television, and any future parroting of inappropriate phrases (like her infamous 'You smell like butt!' week-long repeats after watching iCarly) will result in a blocked show.  
Now...lets see how long this lasts before I remove the cable box from her room. :P

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