Sunday, February 6, 2011

Eventful Weekend?

I was Mini-Me free for the majority of the weekend and good grief did I get alot done!  Friends of mine came over and, between the four of us (plus an awesome 11 y/o boy), we unpacked almost every box in the apartment and started getting ready for Finn. I'm excited!  He now has an official place to sleep:

Don't mind the 'stuff' up front - it's a pump and a bag of yarn that is slowly becoming a blanket.  Eventually, he'll move up to a crib...and I'll get his stuff sorted out onto the organizer. 

Check this out - these boxes/bags up front are ALL baby clothes/blankets/bibs!
And there's another bag sitting in my living room!  I think, between hand-me-downs and second-hand stores, I did a pretty good job loading up for the kiddo.

Now I'm on to actually preparing: moving things around, prepping diapers, washing bottles and making cabinet space.  I never thought I would boil diapers on my stove, but I did.  The majority of his diaper collection is currently in the wash:

Then they get to hit an organizer and await for his arrival!  Next step is to pack a hospital bag, but I'm slightly fearful that he'll decide that means it's time to go...and I don't want to go yet. I have class tomorrow! He should make an appearance on a Wednesday night - that would be perfection!

This tired mama is about to retire into a bubble bath.  The kiddo is all tucked into bed after story-time and helping me with diapers, homework is all done...ready for the week to start!

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