Friday, February 11, 2011


...most definitely went out the window today. I have bronchitis, nausea, and exhaustion....none of which have made my 'to-do' list any easier.  I did somehow manage to complete a homemade dinner, several loads of laundry, a chapter of notes, and the emptying/breaking down of three more boxes.  Yay?

In better news, I officially have a doula!  I was afraid for awhile there that I wasn't going to get to have one...and we know how well that'd turn out.  There definitely needs to be a mediator and somebody like-minded there to support me through the labor and delivery.  She's awesome, and I'm excited!

Tomorrow is my first baby shower, so I shall be back with pictures of the incredibly cool (yet slightly morbid) cake and Mini-Me opening gifts.  Sunday, I'm having a few maternity photos taken with Mini-Me, so I'll be able to share those soon as well! For now, I'm going to go take a bubble bath and study through contractions.

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