Tuesday, March 29, 2011

And Baby Makes Three (LONG update!)

I've always loved the phrase 'and baby makes three'. It seemed perfect, really - the union of two people who love each other creating another life.  As a single mother, it takes on a whole new meaning.  Mini-Me and I have had our own little world for 6.5 years.  Yes, her dad and I were together for the first four, but even though we all lived together and he was involved, he still worked night shift. This left Mini-Me and I on our own alot for entertainment and bonding - we were two peas in a pod. After her dad and I separated, we spent two years wrapped around each other's fingers. Then, things changed...and I'm pretty sure we couldn't be any happier.

     Finnegan, also known as Finn, was born on March 12th at 2:10pm after a mere six hours of labor - only five in the hospital. I assume it was six hours - I woke up having horribly painful contractions and am not sure how long I was in labor before they woke me up.  We brought him home the following day, and have been in heaven since. Mini-Me is adjusting - slowly, but it's happening. She absolutely adores her little brother and the attention he's getting, but is having issues with the attention she's not getting and the visitors that keep coming for Finn. She's a smart little girl and figured out really quick who was there to see her and who was only around because Finn is here now.  She's had a good bit of backsliding with her Sensory Processing Disorder, but her school, pediatrician, dad and I are all working together to make things better.
    Finn isn't exactly an 'easy' baby.  While he's taken to nursing quite easily despite an overactive letdown, he's very, very gassy.  Poor little thing cringes in pain and draws his legs up every time he eats, and thinks he's hungry when his tummy really just hurts.  I've spent hours upon hours researching solutions and making changes - eating different foods, cutting caffeine and dairy, diving into the world of probiotics, etc. If he's asleep, I'm on the computer reading breastfeeding, colic, and 'gassy baby' information. It's a whole new world for me, but so worth it. Other than that, he's fantastic.  He regained his birth weight within a few days of leaving the hospital, sleeps decently at night most of the time, is starting to hold his head up, and is already a mama's boy despite me trying my darnedest to not let it happen.  If he's fussy, hand him to Mommy...he shuts right up and just looks at me.
    We're happy. Attempting to settle into a pretty strict schedule to help Mini-Me out, trying to figure out breastfeeding and pumping, and not getting near as much sleep as a few months ago....but very, very happy. <3

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