Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sunshine and Rainbows

The past few weeks haven't exactly been sunshine and rainbows.  I was delayed a week on both class as well as packing because a 'Snowpocalypse' hit Georgia (and by Snowpocalypse, I mean a whopping 5-8 inches of snow).  On top of that, I'm having regular contractions that are preventing me from packing and getting as much done.  I guess, when you weight the options of 'slower packing' and 'bedrest', I really should be grateful that I'm getting anything done in the first place.

But, over the past few days, I've taken a look around and realized that there really is a rainbow...way off in the distance, somewhere, but it's there.  I was approved for our new apartment, my professors this semester are amazingly funny, and despite being 'slow' about it I am actually being pretty productive for someone who isn't supposed to be doing anything in the first place.

More importantly, things are changing...and very much for the better.  Mini-Me and I, when I was previously a single mom, had a routine.  We were a team, and we ran this house together.  Over the past year and a half, I allowed things to fall apart.  Priorities changed, my grades slipped, routines went out the window, and even we, as people, took a turn for the worse.  I became negative, which I said I would never again be, and I became unproductive.  The past week, things are making a turn for the better.  I'm booking parties again, Mini-Me started helping out with her former chores almost automatically, we both have smiles on our faces, and we're back to doing things as a 'team'...which is always much more fun than working against each other.  Just in the past two weeks, we've grown closer than we've been since we went to Disney. 

This experience, as a whole, has taught me one thing I should have learned a long time ago: never settle.  Never settle for a person, situation, environment...anything.  If you know what you want and deserve in life and things aren't going in that direction, DO something about it instead of just letting it happen and being content with it.  I think alot of people stay in their situations because they're not in 'bad' situations or with 'bad' people, but they're not actually happy and that leads to resentment.  I've over resentment.  So, I am putting on my happy face and pulling up my vintage cowboy boots by the straps, kicking the negative people back out of my life, and giving myself and my family everything we deserve. <3

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A New Beginning.. said...

Girl I couldn't be happier to read this. I'm glad to see the positive outlook and upbeat attitude, that is the Shai I know. You and your Mini-Me and soon to be Finn will be just fine. I can't wait to see you guys, make sure you make time for me when I get down there!