Friday, January 14, 2011

Single Motherhood.

The other half moved out last weekend and, yet again, Nev and I are embarking on a wonderful journey into managing a family together. She's excited, I'm excited, and I'm sure the baby would be excited if he had more than a few inches of kicking space. Is it going to be hard? Yes, very. Is it going to be emotional? Goddess help my poor six year old when postpartum hormones hit - it's a good thing we can handle each other better than anyone else. We're looking forward with nothing but positive energy, happy thoughts, and sheer determination to make the absolute best out of the situation we are currently in and will be in over the course of the next...well...who knows how long. We have hope, we have an amazing support group, and, most importantly, we have each other. In just a few short months (9 weeks, to be exact), Finn will also join us on this interesting journey of ours.

Wish us luck!

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The Krells said...

*muah! You three are going to be just fine!