Friday, October 22, 2010

Busy, busy month!

Nevaeh and I have had a busy, busy month this month. Not only did she turn six, but we have both also had some kind of flu/bronchitis bug AND my portfolio for acceptance to the art program is due in a few weeks. Talk about a whirlwind of things to do.

Nev had an awesome birthday party, and racked up on cash...which she then spent on 14 books at her school book fair. I volunteered and they made me wear a cape - so wish I had taken pictures. Also, for her birthday, she took a trip to 'the baby doctor' with mommy and got to meet everybody and hear the heartbeat. The heartbeat is an old hat for her, though, as we have a Doppler at home that she knows how to work.

Here's the monster on her birthday:

We bought a paper holder and roll of paper from Ikea back in September, and she has almost blown through 98ft of paper in the past month. Best $10 investment I've made all year! She has spent hours drawing helicopters, cats, clowns, and many other things from some drawing books I picked up on Amazon earlier this year. We also spent two nights painting two pumpkins and two mini-pumpkins. Tis' the season for crafty awesomeness!

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